Спортивный комплекс

Product code WL0020
20 — 30 days

Production time

1 year


14+ years

Age group

131 kg



Number of users

1.9×1.2×2.2 m


4.9×4.2 m

Area size

1 m

Maximum free fall height

3D model


View from above DWG




in России

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The product is intended for children aged from 14 years, weighing not more than 100 kg and height of from 165 cm.

Уличное спортивное оборудование предназначенное для доступных занятий физической культурой, используя в качестве нагрузки собственный вес.

In order to improve product quality and safety, can be made changes in the product documentation (image, dimensions, etc.).

Materials and safety

Gaps and joints between the elements of the equipment are designed so as to prevent the build-up of the limbs, trunk and head of the child, while the design will not allow it to roll over or fall out. The possibility of adult access has been developed in circumstances that require help to the child.

Answers on questions

What materials are manufactured from?

The main materials are environmentally friendly wood and metal, the safety of which is confirmed by international certificates of conformity.

What are the standards and requirements of the products?

All products comply with GOST, technical regulations of the Eurasian Union and passed the international certification TUV.

For what age is the product ND?

The catalog presents a wide range of products for several return groups, from the youngest (under 3 years old) to adults (over 14).

Production and delivery
Where and on what equipment are the products produced?

All products ND is made in Russia. Qualified specialists, high-tech modern equipment and automated production lines guarantee the quality of manufactured products.

What are the terms of order manufacturing?

The production time depends on the workload of production, on average, 30 working days are required for the production of the order.

How does the delivery take place?

The representative agrees with the customer all the conditions and terms of delivery, thereby assuming all the delivery issues. Also, the customer can independently use the services of any transport company.

How to make an order?

Contact us by phone or e-mail, presented on the site. After that, our managers will prepare a commercial offer that meets your requirements.

Who conducts measurements and develops the project?

Our representatives are ready to leave and make measurements of the site. Based on the set parameters, we will select all necessary equipment, develop the project and create a visual 3D layout. You will only have to approve or make adjustments to the site construction project.

Who performs the installation work?

Our specialists are well acquainted with all the features of the equipment, and will perform all the work quickly and efficiently.