In short, then…

We develop and produce sites aimed at developing motor and motor skills. Our complexes involve in an active game, charge with self-confidence and help children communicate with each other.

The result of our work is a comfortable living environment for the whole family

Our playgrounds in the photogallery


Twenty years ago, the Russian family looked like this - two kids, mom and dad. Ten years ago there were two children and a mother, and my dad devoted his free time to business. Now usually two kids are on their own, and father and mother are behind tablets or phones in different corners of the room. Technologies have replaced education and contacts. Everyone has become self-sufficient: friends and entertainment are now on a flat screen and our children absorb this way of life as a sponge from early life.

Parents now solve the problem of a childish whim, sitting the child in front of a flat screen with cartoons. It is much easier to buy yourself one hour of peace, while the child is busy with the next gadget, rather than borrowing it by reading a books and walking in the yard.

Quality Policy

Yes, and when there is time, if we work all the time 10 hours a day, then another 2 hours stand in traffic jams. As a result, education is built on the principle of "avoiding the irritant," and not "develop the right".

However successful we might be, children are our main project. Only respect, sincere support of their interests, and not seclusion from early childhood in four walls behind computer games will help to form a correct system of values, to develop mental and physical potential. So, sometimes it's better to remove the tablet and get your favorite book, or just go for a walk together on the street or play soccer. And that walks were interesting, developing and safe, we will help.


Наше предприятие многократно награждено дипломами1, 2, 3, 4, 5, благодарственными письмами и отмечено на множестве архитектурных выставок, но в первую очередь, нашей главной гордостью являются тысячи счастливых детей и их родителей проводящие своё время на наших площадках.

Technology should help, not replace parenting

Take time to the child — walk with it

And for the walk to turn out to be interesting, developing and safe we ​​will help.

Security and Technology

Our main priority is security. When designing children`s playgrounds, the ND engineers take into account existing standards and safety standards. All products comply with GOST, technical regulations of the Eurasian Union and passed the international certification of TUV.

Gaps and joints between the elements of the equipment are designed so as to prevent the build-up of the limbs, trunk and head of the child, while the design will not allow it to roll over or fall out. The possibility of adult access has been developed in circumstances that require help to the child.

Towers, slides and passages have heights of 750, 900, 1100 and 1480 mm, which corresponds to all age groups of children. Design solutions prevent children under 3 years of age from accessing equipment designed for older children.


Our production is highly automated technological areas that ensure the quality of elements playgrounds. We apply software design and computer support of the production process, which helps us to reduce almost to zero the violations in the production cycle, to observe the quality and to precisely control the timing. The average production time of the sites is 20-30 working days, plus 2-3 days for delivery and 1-2 days for installation.

20-30 days Production
2-3 days Delivery
1-2 days Installation

Photos from production

Delivery of equipment

The equipment is delivered as components and elements in a collapsible form. The components are stacked on pallets, and packed in a shrink film, all strapped with a packing tape. Packaging simplifies loading, transportation and subsequent processing, and also reduces costs when delivering cargo.

Each product
is accompanied by a technical passport

The product passport contains:
  • Basic information and technical data
  • Safe operation rules
  • Inspection, maintenance and installation instructions
  • Delivery list
All accessories are numbered in accordance with the picking list and installation instructions, which makes the installation simple and intuitive.